Social Studies 10

Authors : Mahabir Paudel, Youba Raj Dhakal Suresh Shah, Tika Dhakal, Ram Pd. Gyanwali



  • Creative approach to teaching and learning Social Studies through lessons that feature real-life stories, contextual dialogues, ethno-social profies, and pictorial illustrations
  • Contains lessons that avoid "guess paper style" of writing textbooks that depend much on memorizing than critical thinking
  • Designed as per the course grid developed by the Curriculum Development Centre
  • Incorporation of the latest available data
  • Reflcts the principles and spirit of inclusive social structure envisioned by the constitution, avoiding discriminatory representation of peoples, cultures, and society
  • Figures and maps follow cartographical rules
  • Envisions a participatory pedagogy by providing advisory notes, notes to teachers, and pre-reading activities where appropriate
  • Abounds with doable self-discovery projects