Atharai Publication prides itself for being a reputed publication in Nepal since 1986 AD and has been serving the needs of qualitative textbooks, education teaching materials and teaching trainings across the whole education spectrum.

We work accordingly:

  • We publish well tested and qualitative textbooks of school and college level with unmatched quality to sell and distribute the books all over Nepal and also in some parts of India.
  • We conduct seminars and many piloting tests time to time to collect feedbacks and suggestions from students, teachers and educationists to give friendly outlook and to include desirable contents in the text books.
  • We arrange seminars and training for teachers of different districts in Nepal to help them use our textbooks in the classroom.
  • We prepare many supporting teaching materials along with the textbooks such CDs, Cassettes, posters, educational magazines, etc to promote qualitative education and to maintain all the possibilities of an established publisher.


The professional services at this publication house are often the overwhelming process which can reduce the anxiety and insure the best provision of textbooks to avoid any case of disappointment. In keeping the values of National Education Goals and Curriculum Planning of Nepal, our objectives are always:

Academic, professional and responsive

AP always adopts a need


  • Holistic emphasis on fundamental language skills - listening,speaking, reading, and writing
  • Stimulating reading materials selected from diverse disciplines - literature, history, culture, science, etc.
  • Functional approach to teaching grammar
  • Focus on contextual use of language skills
  • Incorporation of “Teaching Strategies” for effective pedagogy
  • Inclusive and non-discriminatory representation of gender, ethnicity, and class