It is indeed gratifying to note that the quality of education in Nepal is improving gradually over the years. There are several reasons behind this positive development, the availability of quality books and education materials being the key one. We feel proud that we have been able to contribute to quality education by bringing out textbooks and reference materials that cater to the needs of students as well as general readers.

Atharai Publication has taken up the challenge of producing high quality teaching/learning materials and making them easily available and accessible across the country. Hence we bring out text and reference books that follow the latest curriculum designed by the Curriculum Development Centre, Nepal and revise and upgrade them regularly.

We pledge to supply text and reference books to meet the growing requirements of school, college and university students and teachers. We reaffim our continued effort to ensure the quality of our publications.

We are thankful to teachers, students and parents' appreciation and their invaluable feedback. As always we expect to receive constant support in the days ahead.

Thank you !

Narayan Kumar Shrestha